Men Face Cream


Spa Male

All of our services are of benefit to men. We suggest men start with a facial; clean out those black heads, wax between the eyebrows and get rid of that red blotchy skin. Our esthetician will discuss the various services and recommend product ingredients best for your skin. Prices are sometimes higher for men because they haven’t done anything for 20 years or more.


Deep cleansing treatment specifically designed for the special needs of men’s skin, due to daily shaving, free radical damage, and unprotected skin. Removal of blackheads, the middle eye brow , wolfish ears and vitamin therapy included. (we request that you shave at least one hour prior to treatment). 50 minute session

Sports Manicure

Properly cut, cuticle treatment and clear flat polish

Sports Pedicure

Properly cut, cuticle treatment, clear flat polish and (the big job) reduce those calluses.

Hair Removal

Most questions I get from men are about back and chest hair. I usually recommend waxing as the safest option. Those with light skin and dark hair seeking longer-term results (that may or may not be permanent) might look into Laser. Although Electrolysis can be a good option for those with sparse hair, most men find this method to be painful, expensive, and time- consuming for large areas.

Wax Services

We offer a full line of waxing services for men who want hair removal but do not want laser-based approach. Let your skin care therapist know your requirements.

Eye Rejuvenation

Ease the signs of aging and soothe stressed skin around the delicate eye area, this treatment adds an eye-opening dimension to any professional facial treatment.